What is the AIDA model.

AIDA is an acronym used in marketing that describes a common list of events that are very often undergone when a person is selling a product or services. Or it is an acronym of the model used in creating powerful and effective marketing communications, sales letters and is widely used in advertising today. John Caples defined the AIDA model as the traditional conceptual model that is used for creating any advertising or marketing communications messages. The AIDA model is to get attention, hold interest, arouse desire and then obtain action.

According to the Marketing and Web definition the AIDA model of communication is a communication which aims to obtain attention, interest, desire and action. The AIDA model is an approach to understanding how advertising and selling supposedly work. The assumption is that the consumer passes through several steps in the influence process.  Wikepedia, the free encyclopedia in its definition states that AIDA is an acronym in     marketing that describes a common list of events that are very often undergone when a person is selling a product product or service.

A-attention (Awareness): attract the attention of the customer

I-Interest: raise customer interest by demonstrating features, advantages, and benefits

D-Desire: convince customers that they want and desire the product or service and that it will satisfy their needs.

A-Acton: leads customers towards tacking action and or purchasing.

Also, ST. Elmo Lewis presented a model which attempted to explain how personal selling works. He said the model AIDA laid out a set of stairs –step stages which describe the process a sales person must lead a potential customer through in order to achieve a sale. The stages attention , interest , desire , action , form a linear hierarchy simply put in order to be motivated to actually make a purchase , customers must be aware of a product existence ,they must be interested enough to pay attention to the products , features , benefits, also they must have a desire to benefit fro the products offering. 

Keith George also says, AIDA model is one of the popular features followed by advertising agencies. It is an acronym which stands for attention, interest , desire , and action .The AIDA model state that advertising agency should know how to draw attention of a buyer to customer interested by exhibiting its advantages , benefits and features. The AIDA model leads one to build a better advertising business.



















Compare the AIDA model to the DAGMAR model


The AIDA and DAGMAR MODEL are some of the strategies advertisers use in creating their adverts. The DAGMAR MODEL is an acronym for Defining Advertising Goals and MeasuringAdvertisingResults.

The AIDA and DAGMAR model all work together to get the attention of the audience.TheDAGMAR model is well defined and easy to apply. It does not make the customer aware of the product but also gives the customer an insight into the product to purchase. It maintains that all advertisement aiming at a sale must carry the potential customer through four stages that is Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction and Action.

      Secondly, The AIDA model aims at generating successful advertisement campaigns while the DAGMAR model basically talks about the sale an advertiser must carry the customer      through. The DAGMAR model was built around four stages of communication that is Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction and Action and the AIDA model was built around four stages that are Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

DAGMAR’S premise is that you can pick the appropriate stage in communication process and use it to define advertising objectives.

Also The AIDA framework is to capture the consumer’s attention. For example, there several online techniques used to capture attention, such as banner advertising, sponsorship, offering free product and promotions. It guides organizations by reminding them that any successful promotion techniques must eventually lead to action, or the purchase of the product or service. Most advertiser use the two steps method while others use the one step method, AIDA and selling is done in one communication. Most business in marketing use two steps method. A step method usually involves teaser advertising where the prospect eventually seeks more information on the other hand, one variation of this is called DAGMAR model which can also be called influential models.

DAGMAR model identifies three categories of effect called cognition (mental or rational, affection (emotional), and behavior. It also has to do with the variation that think –feel –do model of message effects, which presumes that we approached a purchase situation using a sequence of responses or inform an opinion or attitude about it .With the AIDA model, the Personal Relevance Model (PRM) is the modification of the AIDA where it is being process before consumers pay attention to the product message. It also explains how these complicated steps interact to generate consumers purchase. As compare to DAGMAR, AIDA has steady steps which are no longer considered valid measure of the new trend of consumer behavior. Relatively, these steps occur simultaneously in consumers’ mind. Usually interact independently or dependently and it is impossible to determine which steps is first and which is next when consumers make a decision to purchase.

The DAGMAR premise is that an advertiser can pick the appropriate stage in the

communication Process and use it to define advertising objectives. Again the AIDA model represents a learning process in which a potential customer becomes aware of a  products begins to comprehend it based on what he or she has learned from advertising begin to accept it as potential solution, forms a preference for it over competitive product. It is also based on the general assumptions that people first learn something from advertising.


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